Cartoons (02)

28. At least there should be a freedom to suffer

29. Don’t you shoulder the burden of suppressing Childs’ world?

30. " The eloves apes " : are Sri Lankan challenging the concepsts

31. Lunacy of history hostile to freedom of media

32. Mass media is also a power. Both mutually subverting as well as subsist

33. Mass media and power together will hoodwink you

34. They show you the path of Right as well as the wrong

35. Sometimes they are like this

36. They have plundered your eyes

37. Providing your eyesight is the sacred duty of media

38.Thissanayagam who provided you an eyesight sentenced for 20 years

39. Media can be suppressed but not exterminated

40. If you consider yourself as a tool meant for them, you are providedof you own power

41. Be attentive of ideologies, not caged by it

42. Ideology is also power , when it becomes a weapon, it is self-destructive

43. So, you are in love with your prison-cell!

44. You crucify yourself, don’t you?

45. Think a little bit, is this you?

46. If we loose our voice, there will be no voice even to claim our voice

47. Servility by the will is dreadful than by force

48. This is how we enjoy!

49. Peace and Life.

50.First, you liberate from yourself; then you become you.

51. Humanitarianism is the highest stage of Civilization

52. Untitled

53. Untitled