Cartoons (01)

1. Education is an ideal distance from the guidance, denied for the rural 

2. Adults are the adulterators of the minds of children

3. Education is gulped by the power of politics

4. Crashing present education cannot be salvaged by crash reforms 

5. Uneven education begets a delinquent hybrid society 

6. Tools of refinement may sustain crudity

7. Attitude towards women decides how rich is the civilization 

9. The weak hates democracy

8. Museus Girls school is in the city-centre, two students have committed suicide due to sexual ignorance 

10. The parliment also helps to maintain Neanderthal Darkness 

11. If the will of majority identifies as democracy......

not scanned yet !
12. Society uniformed of democracy demolishes democracy 

13. Judiciary too can exist without transparncy 

14. War is a self-destructive way to babarity 

15. Faith is an enermy of rational, genocide can become a religion 

16. War for peace seen as new slogan, but it is peace towards war

17. They are us citizens of Sri Lnaka

18. Religion is like water takes the shape of the vessel 

19.Religion is power, so as politics, both construct their own shapes

20. Here we are, aren’t we?

21. Thou shall knoweth and appreciate what thou liketh

22. Can they show you the path ?

23. sometimes this can be an experiance of yours as well as mine

24. You may like this method

25. Do not mat deams they point out look at the door of your prison cell

26. You passionate dream can be the noose of the other

27. When you cover your face with your own garment